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How to Make Florist Hamilton Fresh Flowers Last Longer

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How to Make Florist Hamilton Fresh Flowers Last Longer

A bouquet of fresh flowers that you receive in a special occasion in life has a value that is beyond words. Even though it is the nature that the fresh flowers are supposed to wither after a while, there are ways in which you can make that process slower and keep them fresh as new for a long period of time. Florist Hamilton is quite popular for long lasting flower arrangements, and the following tips will help you make them last even more. Once they surpass the period where they can stay fresh, then you can take measures to preserve them and keep them with you for years to come.

How to Keep the Freshness Longer

There are a few fool proof ways you can keep the freshness last for a few days longer. Make small fresh cuts in the stems of flowers and cover them with water soaked cotton. Refresh it as the cotton dries. This will help you to keep the freshness naturally for a while.

How to Preserve the Fresh flowers

Flower arrangements from Florist Hamilton are usually works of art which you would not want to throw away even after they wither away. To keep the memory of your bouquet for longer, you can preserve them in a several different ways. Using silica gel to preserve your flowers usually gives the best results. Keep them buried in a large container of silica gel and after a few days, you can uncover well-preserved flowers just as beautiful as when you got them from Florist Hamilton. Another popular and extremely easy method of preserving fresh flowers is by pressing. You can use a heavy book like an encyclopedia, and press your flowers in between two blotting papers. Then you can use your creativity and use your beautifully pressed flowers to create something even more valuable. One of the easiest methods of preserving fresh flowers is by air drying. Hold the bouquet of flowers you got from Florist Hamilton and hang them securely in an airy space away from direct sunlight to naturally dry and preserve the beautiful arrangement to last a long time.