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MOR - Emporium Classics Lychee Flower Diffuser Set


  • $59.99
MOR Lychee Flower Diffuser Set. An exquisite Reed Diffuser Set containing a classic scented Diffuser Fragrance, Aluminium Funnel, embellished Black Glass Flacon and Black Reeds to infuse the air with a signature fragrance and add elegance to any space. Key Features - Oil based formula allows a stronger scent throw & better performance on your diffuser - Made from premium blend of natural vegetable based ethanol€s to a unique formula that disperses the fragrant oil continuously for up to 6 months - Rattan reed sticks allows the fragrance oil to travel up the reed and efficiently fragrance the room - Fragrance bottle with an induction seal and funnel included in set to prevent spillage - Available in 5 memorable fragrances - This product is not tested on animals The Fragrance Sparkling, sweet Lychee Flower unites with Ripe Berries, soft powdery Florals & the slightest hint of Green Forest Woods.

MOR - Emporium Classics Lychee Flower Diffuser Set

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